Season 2018-19 - Affiliation & Competition Entry Details


Dear Principal/Mentor,



Welcome back to season 2018-19! We hope that you are well rested after the summer break & looking forward to the season ahead. The registered letters were posted this morning (22/8/18) & should land in your school tomorrow. This e-mail replicates its contents.


As before, affiliation & competition entry is by online form only. The links for entry are given below. It is strongly advised that all information needed (mentor contact numbers. e-mail addresses etc.) is gathered before completion of the online form. A help form for this purpose is enclosed. It is vitally important that all information entered is 100% accurate, as incomplete information slows down the issuing of fixtures.


Cut-off Dates for Affiliation & Competition Entry

  1. September 5th 2018– entries received by 6pm on this date will be accepted for all competitions, Please click here if you are entering before this date/time.

  2. September 5th 2018 – September 7th 2018 – entries received between 6.01pm on the 5th & 6pm on the 7th will be accepted for league competitions only – a €50 late entry fee will be imposed in all cases. Please click here m


  4. After September 7th 2018 – entries received after this date will be rejected.

All other relevant information regarding competitions is available on or if you have a specific query, please feel free to e-mail me directly – Please note the points of information below:


For Season 2018-19, please note that Affiliation & Competition Entry is online only:

the link is: - this link will be open up to 6pm on September 5th.

After this date, the link to use is: - this link will be open from 6.10 pm on September 5th until 6pm on September 7th.



Please ensure that payment for your affiliation & competition entry is forwarded immediately to me c/o De La Salle College, Dundalk, Co. Louth. We look forward to receiving your entry soon.



Yours in Sport,

On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Declan McGrath,

Honorary Secretary,

FAI Schools, Leinster Branch, Boys Section

FAI Schools