Player Registration


From 2017-18, All girls teams must be submitted online using FAI Net.  All school registrars will be issued with a logon to register all players. No paper registrations will be accepted.





For the 2016-17 season, Yvonne Nolan will act as registrar for the Leinster Girls Section

All squad lists (Registration form attached below) and match cards should be sent BY POST to;

Yvonne Nolan, FAI Schools, St Declan's College, Nephin Road, Cabra, Dublin 7



  1. Please ensure that the names and dates of birth are recorded exactly as they are on the school roll

  2. Please list players on the squad list for the team(s) that they are playing on. Eg. A first year playing on an U15 team must be listed on both the first year and Under 15 registered squads.

  3. Players may play up one age group only.

  4. All registration forms must be signed by both the mentor in charge and the principal. The school stamp is required with the Principal's signature.

  5. The name and the adress of the registrar is on the registration form. All forms must be posted.

  6. Registration forms must be recieved by 4pm on Friday 28th October.

  7. Players may be added to squads at a later date by emailing the details directly to Yvonne Nolan. If the squad has 30 members in place, the a player must be removed from the list first. Added players may not play in matches until confirmation of the change has been received by the mentor.