FAINet: Player Registration Information

Dear Mentor/Registrar,


This e-mail is by way of updating you on the Player Registration process for Season 2018/19 using the FAI database, FAInet.

Please read ALL PARTS of this notice carefully, as it should address all player registration queries.

 1: School Registrars:

  • If you are not the mentor/registrar for your school or have moved school & need updates to your account please email fainet@fai.ie
  • If you need additional mentors set up on FAInet please have them email fainet@fai.ie with their Name, School Name, Address, Date of Birth & Contact Number. They must also be FAI Garda Vetted.
  • If you are not FAI Garda Vetted, I would highly recommend you do so ASAP. I have attached the FAI Garda Vetting application form to this email.

 2: FAInet Username & Password:

  • If you used FAInet last season, then you are already set-up – just re-use last season’s username & password – if you need a password re-set, please see the password reset guide on our FAInet Support Page > http://support-fainet.fai.ie/faqs/  
  • If you have any problems with the above please email fainet@fai.ie for assistance.
  • If you are new to using FAInet & you provided your details on the online entry form to the Leinster Branch, you will receive your account username & password in the coming week(s). If you have not received your log ins by 8/10/18 then please contact the FAInet team.

 3: The Registration Process:

Registration Step 1: Adding New Senior, Junior or Minor Players & then FIRST YEAR Players:

  • All player records created in previous seasons are still on the system.
  • Therefore, for Step 1, only Second-Sixth Year students who did not play/were not registered last season need to be added to the system, as well as  ALL FIRST YEAR PLAYERS.
  • Gather the information required for all players (at all age groups) – names & dates of birth. Find out if any player did NOT play in Season 2017-18 – these are the only players that need to be added to the system.  
  • This year the FAInet system will allow you to complete an Import of your new players. Please read the attached guides on the Import process for schools players & populate the attached csv. Template with the details required. Alternatively, go to the FAInet Support Page > http://support-fainet.fai.ie/faqs/ , read the user guides on creating a new player registration manually.
  • Once you are familiar with what you have to do, go to FAInet & enter the player details.
  • Once you have that done, please check that all new players details are entered with the Application Overview (see FAInet support page). http://support-fainet.fai.ie/faqs/

 Registration Step 2: Adding Players to Teams:

  • Once the newly created players are approved on the system (a very time consuming process which the Leinster Branch must approve all new players with the assistance of FAI) you must add you’re players to their respective teams – Senior, Junior, Minor or First Year teams. Please see the FAInet Support Page for the user manuals on creating teams & assigning players to their teams.
  • Once the players are added to their relevant teams, that is the registration process completed.
  • A maximum squad size of 30 players applies.

 4: Qualifying Dates:

Post Primary Boys

  • First years – U14 (First Years only – underage Second Years ARE NOT ELIGIBLE). Born on or after 1/1/2008
  • Minors – U15: 1/1/2007
  • Juniors – U17: 1/1/2005
  • Seniors – U19: 1/1/2003


Post Primary Girls

  • First years – U14s (First Years only – underage Second Years ARE NOT ELIGIBLE). Born on or after 1/1/2008
  • Minors – U15: 1/1/2007
  • Juniors – U17: 1/1/2005
  • Seniors – U20: 1/1/2002

 5: The Deregistration Process:

Removing former pupils off the FAInet system

  • All player records created in previous seasons are still on the system & would still be linked with your school. You can remove any former pupils off your schools FAInet list by following the attached Deregistration Guide. This does not affect the players club eligibility on FAInet, only their School eligibility.


Kind Regards,


FAInet Support Team