4: Youth Cert


The course is designed to assist coaches in the development and consolidation of the player’s (aged 13-18 years) basic soccer skills with and emphasis on individual and positional specific skills, tactical and physical development as well as performance.


To provide coaches with the ability to:

  • Identify stages in the development of young players at the Train to Train and the Train to Compete phase
  • Plan, organise and implement linked coaching sessions
  • Assist players consolidate and refine basic soccer skills
  • Introduce tactical and positional skills as well as performance
  • Introduce soccer specific conditioning and strength training
  • Optimise fitness  and soccer preparation for performance
  • Plan, implement and review sessions in a fun, safe and friendly environment

Entry Requirements:

Course candidates will be Coaches with a Kick Start 2 Certificate or the FAI Introduction to Coaching Soccer Certificate.
It is recommended that a 3 month period should take place following completion of Kick Start 2 before attending the Youth Cert.

Candidates must be 16 years or over.  Candidates will be asked to abide by the Code of Ethics/Conduct in soccer and the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for children’s sport in Ireland.
Youth Certificate is part a Level 1 Coaching programme within the FAI’s Coach Education Scheme.


42 contact hours – All courses are subject to a minimum of 16 participants enrolling with the course coordinator. If the required number of participants is not achieved prior to the course start date then the course may be cancelled / deferred.  There are practical aspects of the course, therefore please bring appropriate attire. 

Assessment: Assessment is task based and continuous evaluation:

  • A Log Book
  • Final Evaluation

Full attendance is compulsory to gain certification.


Youth Certificate coaches will receive the FAI Level One Youth Licence as part of the National Coaching Development Programme.

Course Fee and Development Manual (Fundamental Phase)

The delivery of Coach Education Courses will be as noted below, based on price per person:

Mainstream Pice €300 per person

School Price €240 per person