6: 4v4 Workshop

4v4 is the smallest format of football that deploys the basic elements of width and depth in a small sided game. It is not a new concept – and has been deployed in Holland since the mid 1980. With more opportunities to touch the ball, shoot on goal and attempt passes during a 4v4 game than an 11v11 game, young players have been proven to develop faster and more completely.

In terms of technique development and problem solving, the opportunities for children to flourish is heightened through a focus on 4 skills – Passing, Dribbling, Shooting & Control.

Games are a simple set up, where players also get to experience playing in many different positions during a game, solving different problems in different scenarios.

Ensuring a fun and pressure free environment is very important for the young player, allowing them to build confidence and their individual character through football.

SSG Resource 4v4

The delivery of Coach Education Courses will be as noted below, based on price per person:

Mainstream Pice €25 per person

School Price €20 per person