7: 7v7 Workshop

7v7 introduces more problem solving and decision making for the young player, whilst still retaining the value of more touches of the ball, attempted passes, and shots on goal than an 11v11 game. Players are introduced to bigger pitches and spaces, as well as to positions as a part of a larger unit.

The focus switches from particular skills, to switching between the ‘thirds’ of the pitch – defending focus, attacking focus, and transitions between the two – i.e. when you have the ball, and when you don’t.

Coaches can begin to work on various tactics with young players, and gradually introduce different formations and complexities as their understanding of the game grows.

SSG Resource 7v7

The delivery of Coach Education Courses will be as noted below, based on price per person:

Mainstream Pice €25 per person

School Price €20 per person